Anyone here ever tried violife cheese?


Plant Muncher

Just curious before I order online. I have a friend that has tried it and says it is pretty good. I could use a second opinion.
Recently found and adore the sliced Violife cheese in a sandwich. Seriously tasty stuff, though I have conflicting thoughts regarding the presence of coconut oil in the ingredients: many out there say it's great for one's health, but other's disagree - everything in moderation, I suppose. :)
I will let you know my taste assessment when the cheese arrives. Thanks everyone!
Just to say the Violife pizza cheese melts - and tastes fine. But I use it sparingly along with nooch. Sainsbury's grated cheddar-type is convenient, also.

Reminds me, I bought a load of cashew nuts last week - intend to make my own cheese when I get time.
Hi, I'm a vegan newbie and bought this in my shop today! It does have a slightly different but subtle taste to a medium cheddar. I was really impressed!