Alternative Medicine, the Ideal Choice?


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May 18, 2015
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I was talking to a friend of mine about the advantages shifting to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, because from what we eat comes the health we enjoy.

This comment brought to her attention a fact, whenever health decays, why not look after it by visiting an alternative medicine health care professional, rather than the doctor we are accustomed to visit then.

Alternative medicine, holistic medicine and herbal medicine seem to be correlated, and all of them are a more natural way to cure and heal body.

Have any of you ever considered any of these options to round a healthier lifestyle?
If you are already into alternative medicine therapy or treatment, what are the advantages of this?

Your thoughts will be much appreciated :)
No, while I think herbal remedies can help ease pains I cannot consider them cures. If you have an ailment like a bruise then fine or take a herbal laxative instead of one from the drug store as these are ailments not illnesses.

I don't take medication unless I have to and that includes aspirin or painkillers. The dangers of relying on alternative medicines is that it can interfere with prescribed medications and thus you cause more harm to the inner body. Now if you have tried all medications and there is nothing they can do, then the alternative path can do no harm, but only as a last resort.
It depends on what the problem is. Homeopothy, no way. I won't even get started on that. But plants etc are very healing.. everything we could ever need is from the earth and running it through a lab won't mean it's the only form that can help you. That said though, most people don't know how to do their research and instead make choices based on anecdotal evidence. Which isn't all bad.. I use personal experiences to make decisions all the time, but I make sure it's a large number of them and they're to back up the scientific literature I've already read through.
Both of your comments make sense to me, and I have read that certainly could be dangerous try herbal remedies while on prescribed medication, or without having the knowledge on alternative medicine, because a plant may heal when administered in the right dose, but might even turn into poison if exceeded.

On the other hand, literature says ancient civilization, and particularly native tribes from around the world, used to rely on herbal remedies to cure almost anything, even in the practice of early surgery-like procedures.

Do you think this could be the root for claiming alternative medicine as an option to medical treatments?
On the other hand, literature says ancient civilization, and particularly native tribes from around the world, used to rely on herbal remedies to cure almost anything, even in the practice of early surgery-like procedures.

In places where there is no choice then nature has and does provide, however imagine a tribe in the Amazon won't have certain western ailments so won't need treatment. Remember the Pilgrims brought over smallpox to the Native Americans (Indians) and infected them, they had no cure because the disease would never have existed until travelers moved there and settled.
I use alternative medicine and I have for years. I have used herbs for all types of remedies and also bio-identical hormones. Even foods help heal I know because I shrank my fibroid tumors using these things.
Herbalism can be empowering. Personally I think everyone should have a basic knowledge of herbal remedies, and should be able to discern when they do and do not need a professional doctor. For instance you don't need to go to the GP every time you have an earache.

I recommend buying Juliette de Bairacli Levy's handbook on herbalism. It covers almost everything that is within the realms of herbalism. Outside of that, go to a GP. And her herbalism isn't clap trap: there are so many books out there, but Bairacli Levy is the real deal.

Also there's nothing to say that you need to buy every prescription handed to you. Take the slip of paper, by all means, but do your research - there might well be a lifestyle change that you can make instead of popping that pill. Then again, maybe not. We need to re-empower ourselves to be able to discern these differences.

For instance, I was prescribed steroids once for a neurological condition but it turned out that if I just ate a little more salt and grazed on food throughout the day - instead of relying on three square meals - it would have just the same affect that taking the steroids, but making no lifestyle changes, would. And in return I wasn't suppressing my immune system, having water retention problems etc.! Naturally veganism is a great diet on which to graze because the calorie density is generally lower in vegan foods. :)
I understand that people often go to alternative medicine practitioners after approved treatments has failed. How about going alternative first and then, if that doesn't work, go to your GP. We hear about the failures, never about the people who keep well using good food, a responsible lifestyle and advice from herbalists, etc.
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all for natural. I take herbs and I am trying acupuncture for severe chronic painful illnesses I suffer from next year.