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Oct 21, 2015
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Hello Vegan Forums,

I've written a thing about how long it has taken me to become vegan and how glad I am that I did and all that stuff. It's quite long and rambling, and it contains some descriptions of animal cruelty, because I was a farm worker when I first left school, so sorry about that. Anyway, it's here, if you fancy a read:
I enjoyed your blog, and I'd reccomend it to others here, just noting however for the benefit of others that it is long and does contain some description of a chicken farm you worked on.

I'd glad your lifestyle is working out for you.

I think clinging to normality is a key component of meat eating that we need to break from and you captured it very well.

The "can they suffer" quote has been used by Singer, but it is originally from Jeremy Bentham, a 19th century philosopher.
Jamie, that is incredibly cool, thank you. I will correct the misattribution at the weekend. I'm familiar with Bentham, but only as a name from textbooks: I've never read him.

Many thanks.
Thank you for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it.

I think it is very important for us to share our stories, for people to see the beauty of the journey to veganism. I find it to be inspiring!
Thank you VFD. We all get asked "Why?" on a regular basis: usually at the table! I have found it helpful to think it through clearly and write it out. For people who aren't there yet, but might be concerned about the impact of their diet, I think the recognition that it's no a club that attracts a particular 'type of person', but a rational choice that is less difficult than giving up smoking (and way easier than following a calorie-controlled weight loss diet) could serve as an encouragement to give it a try.

One thing I will change about my post, thanks to The China Study: I'll add a dismissal of the dark warnings about B12 that crop up every time veganism is mentioned in the media. They're scare tactics that are not rooted in reality. You need trace amounts, and it stays in your body, once it's absorbed, for over a year. A smear of Marmite a day is more than enough. (Pp 231-232, if you want to look it up)