1. Queen of Strawberries

    2 major breakthroughs with my (non-vegan)parents!!!

    Please don't bash me for not being Vegan yet BUT TODAY MY PARENTS SAID THEY WOULD LET ME GO VEGETARIAN!!! I used to have an eating disorder so my parents are being SUPER cautious about letting me take foods out of my diet (which I understand). they also told me when I first brought Veganism up...
  2. Jinendra Singh

    Preventing Vit B12 deficiency- Vegans and vegetarians?

    vegetarians, and especially vegans, have a tough time getting enough Vitamin B12, an essential nutrient that pretty much only comes from animal sources, such as eggs, chicken, beef, and dairy products. Even Vegan advocates in documentaries like concede that Vegans will do best if they take...
  3. Second Summer

    Was Heinrich Himmler a vegetarian?

    Recently I went to a talk titled "The History of Veganism" at a local vegan festival. The speaker said Heinrich Himmler definitely was a vegetarian (for health and spiritual reasons if I remember correctly), and definitely more of a vegetarian than Hitler, but I have found no sources to support...
  4. Second Summer

    Vegans vs vegetarians - horizontal hostility

    More: Can't vegans and vegetarians just get along? What do you think, are vegans, vegetarians and meat reducers all "fellow travellers"? Should we all embrace the "reducetarian" identity? (Why?) Are we less effective in ending factory-farming because we're not more united? Do vegans really...
  5. Second Summer

    Psychology Vegetarian diet now considered normal, veganism still effeminate

    More: Men who don't eat meat, eggs or dairy are 'viewed as effeminate' (30. November, 2015)
  6. Second Summer

    High percentage of drunk vegetarians eat meat

    More: Vegetarians secretly aren't that vegetarian (8 October 2015)