1. N

    Grilled Watermelon

    Grilled watermelon treated like a vegetable with savoury seasonings is delicious. Most of the water cooks out, leaving behind a tasty little "steak" with wonderful texture. You can broil it too; just make sure the juices can drain free (not onto your oven floor) so it doesn't steam. Serve this...
  2. Second Summer

    News Edible coating for fruit and vegetables

    More: (9. Dec. 2019) It sounds like it's vegan, so in that sense better than the shellac currently used. I'm assuming when this coating is used on fruit such as apples that...
  3. H

    Survey Dissertation Research

    Hi all, I am currently a Sustainability and Environmental Management Masters student completing my dissertation titled 'How do dietary choices influence an individuals greenhouse gas footprint in the UK'. If you have a spare 5 minutes please may anyone complete the questionnaire I have linked...
  4. R

    Would it be healthy to just eat organic fruits, vegetables, beans, tofu and rice?

    Hi , I was watching a Freelee video. I remembered a comment that said that Freelee only ate fruit (which isn’t true, if I’m right). I would like to lose some weight. My weakness is chocolate and sweet things. I love chocolate and sweet stuff. Thank you .
  5. S

    Manure or chemicals?

    Hello, I am bugged by a thought and hope that somebody will be able to help. I have started a vegetable garden and would like to use vegan-friendly fertilizer i.e. manure, but I read an article in a scientific journal about mass production of manure using cruel methods (did you know that...
  6. plant_powered

    Product Limited Edition Vegan Apparel Collection

    Hi beautiful people! I noticed that there aren't a lot of fun designs for proud vegans to wear as tshirts, sweatshirts, etc. A lot of the stuff I'm seeing online is gimmicky - just not cute. So I started designing my own shirts - shirts that I would actually want to wear! I am so excited to...