1. A

    Vegan Candle Product Market Research

    Hey , me and my friend are looking to start an all vegan candle company. With all candles made by hand. We would be so grateful if you could fill out this questionnaire .Just click on this link Market Research.
  2. V

    UK Chocolate!

    Omg! So basically, with mothers day coming up i was struggling with what to buy for my mum. She's a die hard vegan but a chocolate lover. I was searching through google for vegan chocolate companys near me. I came across this site: MrPopplesChocolate and found that they make vegan chocolate! I...
  3. Jaydoesitgood

    Ethics of Illustrating Non-Vegan Fantasy

    Let me tell you a tale of my instagram art posts and the re-emergence of my horse obsession. But first, some questions for you veggie pals! How ethical is it to illustrate or write non-vegan things happening within a post-apocalyptic setting? Does it do harm in a propaganda like way? Or is it...
  4. L

    My partner Relapses and I don't get it.

    So my boyfriend has been living a Vegetarianisim/Veganism lifestyle for nearly 3 years now. He was pretty much making the transition when we got together. I'm vegan now for a year though I was vegetarian for 8 years prior to this. He has tried raising awareness on Veganisim especially after...