1. V

    UK Chocolate!

    Omg! So basically, with mothers day coming up i was struggling with what to buy for my mum. She's a die hard vegan but a chocolate lover. I was searching through google for vegan chocolate companys near me. I came across this site: MrPopplesChocolate and found that they make vegan chocolate! I...
  2. Jaydoesitgood

    Ethics of Illustrating Non-Vegan Fantasy

    Let me tell you a tale of my instagram art posts and the re-emergence of my horse obsession. But first, some questions for you veggie pals! How ethical is it to illustrate or write non-vegan things happening within a post-apocalyptic setting? Does it do harm in a propaganda like way? Or is it...
  3. L

    My partner Relapses and I don't get it.

    So my boyfriend has been living a Vegetarianisim/Veganism lifestyle for nearly 3 years now. He was pretty much making the transition when we got together. I'm vegan now for a year though I was vegetarian for 8 years prior to this. He has tried raising awareness on Veganisim especially after...