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  1. vegetasama

    Impact of Vegan Diet On Visual Health

    I want to share this, this article talks about how a vegan diet impacts visual health. it's a good read
  2. jimsco

    My Perfect Veggie Sandwich

    Call it bliss:). Thinly sliced cucumber, red bell pepper, purple cabbage & avocado topped with grated carrot, shaved pickled red onion and butter lettuce... finished with creamy pesto. Washed it down with iced hibiscus tea steeped with cinnamon sticks & stevia.
  3. N

    Why you should go vegan

    Why you should go vegan | Why are people attracted to vegetarians? Some just want to live a long, healthy life. Others have made changes to protect the earth's natural resources or animals from love and the moral opposition to eating them. Thanks to the abundant scientific research that...
  4. QualityGains

    A new Reason Why The Animal Industry Is Flawed [Science B*tch]

    The animal industry is flawed, and there are a couple obvious (*cough* for vegans *cough*) reasons why: Needless torture and killing of sentient beings Clogging of arteries, advancement of various cancer stages Inefficient economics (government subsidies) Destroying of planet earth (methane...
  5. Second Summer

    Choline in vegan diets

    Recently, there have been some sensationalist headlines regarding vegan diets and choline. The Vegan Society has issued a statement which makes it clear that choline is not a particular concern for vegans: More...
  6. Honest Pastures

    Have you heard of Honest Pastures?

    Hello! I am the owner of Honest Pastures. We manufacture plant-based meat alternatives we call Beaf™. We ship throughout the United States. We support wholesale and retail distribution as well. Please check us out at
  7. Norman

    Media Vegan Starter Guide

    Switching to a vegan diet is a great way to contribute to your own health and to a better planet. But it can be tricky if its your first venture into this way of life. We have developed The Vegan Starter Guide, a 32 page ebook that covers all the basics. You can download it at no cost from...
  8. Jinendra Singh

    Veganism found to be the best diet for weight loss

    It used to be for college students, yoga instructors, and people who named their children after planets, but veganism—foregoing every kind of animal product, from beef and milk to eggs and even honey—is the hottest diet trend around, and for good reason: Brand new research says it’s the absolute...
  9. Coco Lee

    Media Exciting, exotic, easy, and cheap vegan recipes! (free strawberry/rose sorbet included)

    Hello Friends! I'm the Founder of a new Company called Love. Harmony. Balance. Facebook @ loveharmonybalance We are Here to Help People Realize their Full Potential. Finding Love, Harmony, and Balance in Yourself Creates a New World for Us All. We Are The Future. Our first mission is to...
  10. L

    Is this a balanced vegan diet or am i eating too much?

    Hi, I am a transitioning vegan and I was wondering if what I am eating is healthy. I am doing this for the animals and for the environment, but I also want to see change in my body. Here's an example of what I ate today: Breakfast: 1 slice of whole wheat toast with a tbs of peanutbutter and a...
  11. S

    VEGANS please help!

    If you could all sign up to and post positive comments in the comments section under the article, that would really help us out! upvote pro vegan comments and down vote the ignorant rants, we need to turn the tide of opinion...
  12. goveganliferecipe

    Vegan Cooking Tips

    Hello, Lets start sharing some interesting Vegan Cooking tips. - I usually like to avoid Cooking cream in any of my recipes though it changes the taste of the recipe but i have found a better option ie. I grind Cashews and use Cashew paste as cooking cream and trust me not one till date have...
  13. D

    TWO cheap/quick/easy burgers! Recipe video

    Hey everyone I knocked up a really quick recipe video for two burgers I LOVE making. They are so good!! Here's the link: Please also check out my other videos I can be found on instagram: @dave_skate.fitnessnutrition
  14. H

    Product Love Vegan Cookbook Series Offer - ONLY 99p!

    For a limited-time only the entire 'LOVE VEGAN' cookbook series is discounted to 99p! Usually priced at £2.99. Click the links below to be directed to Amazon and take advantage of this fantastic offer before it expires! MEXICAN RECIPES: AMERICAN RECIPES...