vegan cheesemonger

  1. R

    What are the most realistic vegan cheeses?

    Hello 👋, I’m an ex-vegan-turned-veggie looking to possibly go back to vegan at some point... My main culprit is dairy cheese. I eat vegan cheese, too, but I would like vegan cheeses that are ultra-realistic. What are the most realistic alternatives to vintage cheddar, goats cheese, mozzarella...
  2. R

    Mature cheddar cheese?

    Hello 👋, Please note, I’m looking for vintage (or at least extra mature), not just cheddar-style vegan cheeses. Thank you 😊.
  3. Emma JC

    Vegan cheesemonger

    On February 7th a new shop opened in England - a vegan only cheese shop and the dairy industry is losing its mind over it. La Fauxmagerie is in Brixton Village, just outside of London. Emma JC UK's first vegan 'cheese' monger is misleading customers, dairy industry complains The dairy...