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  1. PsychstudentLex

    Help needed for research

    Hi guys, I’m part of a team of psychology students, we are looking to scientifically understand how dietary choices and social attitudes are related. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spare no longer than 10 minutes of your time to fill out a short survey by clicking the link...
  2. VegandyCandy

    UK Vegandy Candy

    Hello everyone (I am joining this forum on behalf of my daughter...) My name is Yusra, I am 11 years old and in my final year of primary school. I will me launching my Candy store (with help from dad) next week. We will be Upcycling jars for packaging and also be donating 25% of total...
  3. V

    Vegan mask?

    Hey! I was searching for a cool vegan mask for a while and.. I found it on redbubble. Just decided to share it with you, no need to buy it but it looks amazing.
  4. A

    Service My new life!!!

    My name is Alexandar and i have a girlfriend Evelina. Me and my girlfriend try for year's to become vegan and so many struggle's.. the path wasn't easy.. we liked to eat everything we see.. but with people like you we manage to do it!! Our first progress was when we found a program for amonth...
  5. BoomerandJen

    Vegan Organic Clothing and Accessories

    Hello fellow vegan and vegetarian friends, My names Jen and I Started a Vegan and Organic clothing shop online 2 year ago called Boomer and Jen. All of our products are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. We sell a great range of jumper, hoodies, T-shirts, joggers and accessories...
  6. N

    Why you should go vegan

    Why you should go vegan | Why are people attracted to vegetarians? Some just want to live a long, healthy life. Others have made changes to protect the earth's natural resources or animals from love and the moral opposition to eating them. Thanks to the abundant scientific research that...
  7. H

    vegan for life

    Hi guys. I've been a vegan since I can remember. At first it was because I did not like the taste of meat but now I just enjoy living healthy free from all that disgusting junk that non-vegans take. I am the only person in my family who is vegan or vegetarian so I really needed to relate to...
  8. H

    Product Looking to start a vegan lifestyle?

    In terms of people who are currently newbie vegans or even currently are, check this out it may help you: Vegan Diet
  9. C

    Vegan Children's Book!!

    My son and his classmates love it, I'm sure you and your kids will too, there's lots of fun rhymes about fruits and veggies, check it out :)
  10. M

    Product be vegan tshirts
  11. D

    Starting a soup kitchen on south side of Chicago

    I'm starting a vegan soup kitchen on southside of Chicago i set up a gofund me here If you want to help in anyway that be great food ideas, financial or anything else would...
  12. J

    Best Vegan Products

    Hi, I just saw a someone's post asking if anyone knows any good vegan protein powder but reading through the comment i didn't see any body with the solution to his question so i just decided to share with you guys a good and reliable protein powder that is free from any artificial chemicals...
  13. R

    Product Awesome Free Vegan cook book

    Learn some amazing new vegan/ vegetarian recipes. These healthy meals will help save you and the world! Click this link - to download your own FREE copy. Thank me later.
  14. P

    Product Show Them Vegan Threads!

    Hey guys! I have teamed up with an awesome company to help support Veganism! This company creates clothing that is 100% cruelty free, sweatshop free, and is female owned. All of their clothing uses pop culture ways to spread the word of Veganism. Go check them out and help spread the word of...
  15. M

    veganfood PaleoHacks Cookbook

    Yes, the recipes in this book are universally healthy and whether you’re a stay-at-home Mom, an elite athlete or a busy exectutive. This is just one reason why so many people from all walks of life are turning to the Paleo diet because it produces results without the oppressive, tasteless foods...
  16. Norman

    Media Vegan Starter Guide

    Switching to a vegan diet is a great way to contribute to your own health and to a better planet. But it can be tricky if its your first venture into this way of life. We have developed The Vegan Starter Guide, a 32 page ebook that covers all the basics. You can download it at no cost from...
  17. Queen of Strawberries

    Veganism is triggering a replapse?

    I'm Vegan (well, technically vegetarian right now - but that's a long story) for the animals and I don't EVER EVER EVER want to give it up. but I've been doing some research and I just found out about bone char in sugar, and how many of the foods I was going to consume (AKA candy for a...
  18. Queen of Strawberries

    2 major breakthroughs with my (non-vegan)parents!!!

    Please don't bash me for not being Vegan yet BUT TODAY MY PARENTS SAID THEY WOULD LET ME GO VEGETARIAN!!! I used to have an eating disorder so my parents are being SUPER cautious about letting me take foods out of my diet (which I understand). they also told me when I first brought Veganism up...
  19. R

    Would it be healthy to just eat organic fruits, vegetables, beans, tofu and rice?

    Hi , I was watching a Freelee video. I remembered a comment that said that Freelee only ate fruit (which isn’t true, if I’m right). I would like to lose some weight. My weakness is chocolate and sweet things. I love chocolate and sweet stuff. Thank you .
  20. P

    Meat apocalypsis

    Hey, I became vegan 3 months ago, I had a hard time with the transformation but Every day is easier. To harden my mind, I decided to research about the meat and what comes with its production. I discovered a lot of things. My University asked me to do some blogs about anything I was interested...