1. C

    Veganism & Sexuality

    Hey there! I'm a postgraduate student at the University of Stirling looking at the relationship between gender/sexuality and diet/lifestyle. If you have 20-30 minutes to take this survey, that would be awesome!
  2. E

    A Study!

    Hi! If you are vegan, I would gratefully appreciate if you would take part in my study for my undergrad psychology dissertation. I am looking at the relationship between veganism, and eating behaviours and attitudes. Thank you in advance! Ellie...
  3. Second Summer

    Study confirms cats know their names

    Mrs. Summer sent me this interesting article about a cleverly designed Japanese study to figure out if cats recognise the names we give them: Source: Cats Don't Fetch, But Know Their Names As Well As Dogs, Researchers Say (, 4. April, 2019)
  4. K

    Vegan community study

    Survey (google form) link https/ Hello everyone! I am an undergraduate student investigating community. I have chosen the Vegan Forum to be part of my thesis. Mainly I am looking at how a sense of community is different between virtual/interest communities and...
  5. Second Summer

    Psychology Study about Vegetarians

    One of the authors of a psychology study has contacted us asking if we could please distribute a link to their survey. I've done the survey myself, and thought it seemed legit, so here it is: They estimate it takes about 20 minutes to...
  6. Second Summer

    Man-Machine Scientists develop high accuracy gaydar facial analysis software

    A number of interesting implications of this, including: More: New AI can work out whether you're gay or straight from a photograph (7. September 2017) The article also touches on the ethics and implications for privacy.
  7. Francisco Hernández

    Tempera and Encaustic

    Hi, vegan friends! I really need to know if there's a vegan replacement for egg tempera and beeswax encaustic, both painting techniques. There's a class I take where I use the techniques and I'm vegan :):heart: so there's no way I'm gonna use egg or bees. Please help...
  8. Second Summer

    Psychology Vegetarian diet now considered normal, veganism still effeminate

    More: Men who don't eat meat, eggs or dairy are 'viewed as effeminate' (30. November, 2015)