1. Amy SF

    News Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

    This isn’t just a European issue; it has reverberated around the world, so I thought it would be a good topic of discussion. Please keep all discussion civil. Thank you.
  2. Second Summer

    Drama in space - Soyuz mission to ISS aborted

    Everything looking good during launch from Baikonur, Kazakhstan: But then, trouble! I think I hear something about a 'booster failure': Both space travellers, a NASA astronaut and a Roscosmos cosmonaut, are now back on the ground in Kazakhstan after emergency landing, waiting to be picked up...
  3. Second Summer

    USSR nostalgia

    Speaking of Russian governments, and USSR governments in the extension of that, I always thought Gorbachev was sort of doing a decent job, or at least moving things in the right direction with glasnost, perestroika and the nuclear disarmament agreements. Though I was only 15 y.o. when the USSR...
  4. Second Summer

    Possible dangerous escalation of the war in Syria (2018)

    After the chemical attack on the Syrian rebel-held town Douma on 7. April, it seems the US and its major allies (UK, France) are determined to respond militarily, probably with some kind of attack on the Syrian military forces. However, the Russian support of the Syrian Assad regime is not at...
  5. Second Summer

    Hypersonic weapons - a new and exciting path to nuclear Ragnarok

    I found this video enlightening, but frightening Here's a recent news article on the topic: More: China and Russia are 'aggressively pursuing' hypersonic weapons — and the US doesn't have any defenses (20. March 2018) The part that is particularly frightening about these weapons is that...
  6. Second Summer

    News The Putin interviews by Oliver Stone

    Sounds pretty interesting.
  7. Second Summer

    News Cyberwar: 35 Russian diplomats expelled from the US

    Source: US expels Russian diplomats over cyber attack allegations - BBC News (29. December 2016) The measures also include sanctions against nine different entities and individuals, including the GRU and FSB. 35 diplomats are quite a lot. The amount is a measure of how serious US authorities...
  8. Second Summer

    News Russian Sukhoi SU-24 shot down, one pilot rescued

    More: Surviving Russian pilot says Turkey fired without warning as Putin hits back hard - World - NZ Herald News (26. November 2015) Do you think the plane was really in Turkish airspace? Do you believe the pilots were really warned? Are we one step away from a war with Russia?