1. J

    Help with research paper

    Hi everybody! For my college course innovation and change, we need to conduct research on a certain topic and come up with some innovative idea on how to improve our topic. As someone very conscious about what I eat, I chose "how can we reduce the usage of animal products". In the first...
  2. M

    Veganism: the title vs the philosophy?

    Hey, first time posting ! I'll explain my situation a bit so the subject's clearer. I live in a meat-eating family, that wouldn't abandon this habit to save their lives. I decided to stop knowingly eating animal products a month ago. My parents have been, surprisingly, understanding and...
  3. R

    Questions for dr michael greger on london real tv

    Hi there! I work as a guest booker for a podcast and video show called London Real TV, each week our host of the show interviews interesting and inspiring people from around the world. This Sunday we have Dr Michael Greger (you can tune in live from 3.30pm BST on his Facebook page) Please can...
  4. Hyphen3473

    Question for all vegans/vegetarians

    So i am not a vegan or vegetarian but i have one question, if a animal were to die by NATURAL causes would you eat that meat then, because i know like everyone become vegan to save animals from slaughter but if an animal died by natural causes no humans involved, would you vegan eat that meat then?
  5. BlackpearlEliza

    Whole food, plant based, and raw diet

    Hi everyone, I have been a vegan for 1,5 month now, and I really feel good since i did. I feel way more healthy and I'm looking into other diets like raw and whole food, plant based. I don't really know what to do with them, because I don't really know people who are, and what I could or...