1. Veginout

    Cut Out Plastic

  2. shyvas

    London University Bans Beef

    A London university is banning beef and charging a tax on plastics when students return in September. Goldsmith’s University said it will remove beef from its shelves and charge a 10p levy on single-use water bottles and plastic cups as part of efforts to become carbon neutral by 2025...
  3. Meyersaurus

    Argument i had today: plastic is more sustainable than paper

    Okay, so my mother went vegan approximately a year after I did, too. She doesn't really do it for the environment's sake (even though she says she does, but I will explain this soon) but for the animals. She basically never even tries to reduce her plastic consumption. She will prefer plastic...
  4. Meyersaurus

    Reducing plastic / living zero waste (help)

    I am actively trying to produce less waste, and reduce my ecological footprint as much as possible, which is why I am trying to reduce my use of plastic, and so on (Let's lay aside the fact that the production of glass or other plastic-replacements are not 100% sustainable for a moment). Up...
  5. L

    Organic or loose fruit and vegetables?

    Do you buy organic vegetables or loose produce (which, generally is not organic)?. Both have environmental benefits- organic produce doesn't use fertilisers that contaminate water, harm and kill animals but is generally packaged in plastic whilst non-organic foods are much easier to find...
  6. B

    Animal products - educate me

    hi, I’m new to this site. I have one question that I would love to have people educate me on with facts. I’m 100% on board with changing to the Vegan lifestyle for the rest of my life. I just have a question regarding the use of animal products. Not meat and dairy. I’m talking literally...
  7. Damo

    Plastic awareness

    I don't think we talk enough about the use of plastic and the effects on the environment, plastic as you're probably aware is extremely robust meaning it's takes a stupid amount of time to decompose and by stupid I mean hundreds of years... According to online sources 22 billion bottles end up...
  8. shyvas

    Supermarkets Urged - Plastic Free Aisles

    Supermarkets urged to have plastic-free aisles
  9. CrazyCatLady


    I am thinking of starting to make my own reusable bags from donated bits of material (shirts, curtains, bed sheets etc) from freecycle websites. And seriously limiting my use of plastic bags. I use my 'bags for life' for the food shopping. But any other plastic bags that make their way into the...