omega 3

  1. Brian W

    DHA and EPA for improved sleep

    M said she has been sleeping a lot better recently and the only thing I know has changed is we have started taking algae based Omega 3 with a combined DHA and EPA of 250 Mg. Of course, I can't say for sure that this is the cause but I got curious and did a little research. Differential Effects...
  2. S

    Vegan Omega 3-its better than Fish oil

    Vegan Omega 3 from Algae absorbs better than fish oil in the body, it saves the ocean fish life. Why would anyone like to eat fish oil, not just for Vegan reasons, but for health and environment too. I will change the fish oil industry, into Algae. Please have a look and recommend me...
  3. L

    Thoughts on supplements?

    I’m launching my company, holier, in April and wanted to share information with everyone! holier was founded on the premise that living vegan should be fun and easy. We’re here to create simplified products that help you live your best vegan life. Our first product addresses a common problem...
  4. P

    Omega 3

    Hello! I was wondering if 1-2 tbsp's of grounded flaxseeds a day would be enough omega 3 fatty acids or if I should take algae supplements as well?
  5. S

    Supplements - omega 3 and children

    Hi All, New vegan :) Have been doing lots of research!! I had already invested in a multivitamin for the winter which luckily are veggie at least and have B12 and iodine. the only other supplement i am considering is Omega 3 which i under stand i need 250mg DHA/EPA. Rather than another...
  6. R

    Omega 3 supplements

    Hello, can anyone here recommend a decent vegan omega 3 supplement? I've tried Nuique and I wasn't a fan as they tasted quite fishy and quite a few of the capsules had split. I've seen a lot when I've been searching online but would like peoples opinion before buying again. Thanks in...