1. Second Summer

    NO Norwegian government may step down

    More: Norway government may fall on minister's no-confidence vote (18. March 2018) While the justice minister (Sylvi Listhaug) is a particularly despicable politician of the same ilk as the right wing of the US Republican party, the opposite side of the coin is that should the current...
  2. Second Summer

    Norwegians continue to struggle with avocados

    A video with Sophie Elise, a Norwegian blogger and pop musician who incidentally looks like a human-sized barbie doll, trying to cut an avocado. Enjoy. (No English subtitles, but you can sort of imagine what they're saying ...) For an introduction to Norwegians and their problems with...
  3. W


    From the anti-speciesist message of 'The Fox' and then to 'Intolerant', a film about swapping dairy for nuts and the plights animal product-driven allergies. Ylvis are clearly a part of the vegan underground mission to takeover the world! Why didn't we make the connection? WHAT THE *FOX*...
  4. Second Summer


    This is a thread for discussion of all things related to Scandinavia. Finland and other Nordic areas are of interest as well. Feel free to write in English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, and link to articles / web sites in those languages.