1. Forest Nymph

    Vegan Purchases of Interest

    You're free to post your grocery list, but I was thinking more of clothes, concerts and art traceable back to veganism or animals. I just got my student disbursement so I'm doing my fun bi-yearly shopping. I got: A tee shirt that says Hypocrisy then has pictures of different animals with...
  2. sbeast

    Media Vegan music video

    Hey all. I wanted to share a vegan music video I recently made, featuring the voice of Earthling Ed.
  3. StrangeOtter

    Greetings fellow vegans

    I draw animals and surrealism. I find music important. Some of my all time favorite songs are Burzum Dunkelheit, Negura Bunget Norilor, Mozart Lacrimosa, Alghazanth Moving Mountains, The Beatles Act Naturally, Alice Cooper House of Fire, This House is Haunted, This Maniac is in Love With You...
  4. K

    Do you use spotify or download from youtube?

    Hi, I know it's really off-topic but I was wondering where do you get your music from? Do you buy mp3s/cds, use spotify or use Youtube downloads like this? I listen to a lot of different music and just got a premium spotify account but I still download some mixes from youtube that aren’t...
  5. Vegan Artist BJT

    Media New vegan song! vegan batman

    Support Vegan Art and Download on iTunes today!
  6. Damo

    Recommend me a song?

    I'm a bit of a music enthusiast, I listen to music everyday and most of the day I can't get enough :heart_eyes: So basically I'm always discovering new bands/artists to fuel my day, recommend me a song? I like most genres excluding dance/rap, sorry! Here's a song just for you :innocent: