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  1. Liamd

    Free vegan and vegetarian meal planner

    Hi folks, About 3 months ago, my girlfriend and I decided to reduce our meat consumption and try to eat a more wholefood, plant-based diet. Because I'm a bit of a geek, I created a little meal planning app that uses recipes available online (e.g. BBC Good Food) and then automatically adds the...
  2. I

    Iampurebred new vegan protein

    Four years ago my partner, who was sponsored by another supplement company, was tired of the bubble guts and the bloated feeling. Working with nutritionist we created Purebred Vegan friendly protein. We both dived right in and became vegan. That year, while using Purebred, my partner broke the...
  3. P

    Product Awesome book with delicious recipes

    Hi guys, I have found awesome book for vegan recipes. So far I have tried couple of them and they all tasted reaaaly good :) its only for 0.99$ , in my opinion its really worth trying :) Hope it helped :) Its available on Amazon/ Kindle and its called : Vegan Cookbook : 25 Easy High Protein...