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    Survey Veganism survey: participants needed!!

    Hey Guys, I am a masters student based in London and I am currently working on my dissertation and as a vegan, I found it interesting to focus my research on Veganism and consumer behaviour. I would appreciate it if you guys could take my survey. It takes only 3 minutes and respondents are...
  2. Second Summer

    News Vegan 'chicken shop' opens in Hackney, London

    More: Vegan ‘chicken shop’ Temple of Hackney was hatched out of love for KFC (17. January 2017) It's the first in the world, apparently!
  3. Second Summer

    Recommended, vegan-friendly pubs etcetera in London?

    I'm approaching a life milestone when I've been in existence for a round number of years. A couple of my old mates from the old country are coming to London on a weekend to help me celebrate the occasion. I'm looking for a suitable venue that offers vegan alcoholic beverages and snacks / light...
  4. Second Summer

    London air pollution

    More: London breaches annual air pollution limits in just a WEEK (10. January 2016) The article also mentions Oxford Circus. As I've mentioned before, I often suffer from black snot after having visited London.
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    London Fruit

    Hi everyone Does anyone know a good place to buy reasonably priced organic fruit in London? Perhaps in bulk even?

    I'm WOODRAT from London, hello!

    Hi there. I am WOODRAT, 30, I live in London. I have been veggie for about six years and vegan for coming up to one year. I became veggie and tee-total after a chance encounter with a book on Zen in a library while doing some homework. I don''t have any veggie or vegan friends and I am quite...