1. jessicaoutdoors

    US Excited to meet other Vegans!

    Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and I live in Phoenix, AZ with my amazing husband and 3 beautiful dogs. 😍 I joined the forum to gain knowledge from others and gain a better understanding of the Vegan lifestyle along the health-related aspects. I have followed a strict keto diet for the past...
  2. QualityGains

    Hello fellow vegans

    Hi fellow vegans. :) I just joined today and would like to introduce myself. My name is Florian and I am: Originally from beautiful Switzerland (currently Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) :) 4+ years vegan (transitioned from a heavy meat eater (ethical reasons) + my grandparents were hunters, yep...
  3. brugluiz

    Hello from brazil!

    Hi. guys! I'm studying about veganism and thinking about stepping into it. I've alraedy read two books about veganism/vegetarianism, but i still have many doubts. Sometimes I find articles and studies that say veganism is very healthy and, other times, I find people saying it's quite unhealthy...
  4. Elysabeth Alfano

    Hi ya awesome vegans

    Hi ya Awesome Vegans!! Wish I had found this site earlier. Just wanted to introduce myself... I’m Elysabeth, host of the Awesome Vegans podcast on iTunes and the vlog on YouTube. So happy to be here and to be a part of these conversations. First and foremost, thank you- everyone of you- for...
  5. plant_happy89


    an introverted vegan here looking for some like minded individuals to share recipes, struggles, and vegan humor. I was a vegetarian for 10 years before I went full vegan about 1 year ago. Let’s talk! Sam
  6. N


    Hello Lovely Veggies/Vegans! My name is Nicole, I’m from Essex, and I’ve been a Veggie for coming up 13 years. I’ve never struggled with finding alternative foods, in fact I quite enjoy trying new recipes or even making some of my own! The thing I have struggled with a little is finding skin...
  7. Squiggy

    Herro, new to the community

    Hey-oh, :wave: my name is Mika (mee-kuh.) And I am a proud vegetarian hoping to soon make the big step to veganism. My interests mainly lie with hamster ailments & injuries/genetics, photography, filmography, animal rights, music, fitness, and coffee! hehe. I am currently playing the role as...
  8. Hazel Levesque

    Hey Guys!!

    Hi Im new! So exited to be part of the veginator family! Im super quirky, I love fiction stories, and I am currently a sister of a six year old golden retriever. He is my life!