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    What are some good vegan alternatives to the Body Shop’s ginger shampoo?

    Hello 👋, My mum thinks that the Body Shop’s ginger shampoo is the best one for me. However, that shampoo contains honey, which isn’t vegan or necessarily taken in a moral way... I have been using other shampoos, but my hair gets really full of product through the shampoo not being lathered...
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    Vegan grey areas

    I've been vegan for several months and most areas of veganism seem cut and dry to me. Eating meat, fishing, wearing fur, using make up that was tested on animals, and many other aspects are a no brainer for me. There are, however, a few grey areas which I crave the opinion of other vegans on...
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    Can i eat honey? why not?

    I became a vegetarian several months ago and have now gone full vegan recently. I'd say my reasons were 75% the animal cruelty involved in meat and dairy and about 25% for my health. I just saw that vegans don't eat honey, either. Which I kind of get as it's technically an animal product, I...