Can i eat honey? why not?


May 11, 2017
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I became a vegetarian several months ago and have now gone full vegan recently.
I'd say my reasons were 75% the animal cruelty involved in meat and dairy and about 25% for my health.

I just saw that vegans don't eat honey, either. Which I kind of get as it's technically an animal product,
I love honey and often have it on an alpro vegan yogurt. As far as I know nothing bad or cruel happens to bees during any of the process (please give me links if you can) but maybe I am wrong? I also don't see health problems from honey either.

To be called vegan do I have to stop eating honey or is it less strict than that?
Bee's are insects and the main reason why its frowned upon is its theft from the bees. But health wise its not bad for you, and in many cases it helps people with allergies by having local honey from their area. I also was a vegetarian for many years before going vegan, but I was a junk food type vegetarian and when I cut out all animal products i decided to also rid myself of all processed foods and eat only healthy. There really isn't a 100% yes or no answer to your question, i'd go check out your local bee keepers and see the process and from there you can make your decision. Good luck to you :)
There are some qualities in honey that are beneficial to us. For example honey can be used to help wounds heal. But when we eat honey it is in many respects no better than eating sugar, which has now become a worse threat to our health than smoking tobacco. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in most advanced countries. It worries me to see fat, young people in motorised wheelchairs, when it is pretty obvious that this dependence on the machine is unhealthy. Honey will also rot your teeth just as much as sugar does. I think it is a mistake to be complacent about honey. So, while it may be OK for a vegan to eat honey on moral grounds, the consumption of honey might still be ill-advised on health grounds.
Honey is collected by bees as a way of collecting food for survival simliar to many other animals who collect to then hibernate in winter.
Honey has very complex nutrients perfectly suited to bees and is their only source of nutrition of which their whole lives revolve around.
When beekeepers take their hard earned, perfectly symphonated nutrition that thousands of years of evolution has made to suit them - they replace it with man-made refined, nutritionless sugar.
Bees are dying because of this, and it's back breaking work for them to collect it. It's not sustainable for their health - and this has unimaginable affects on our environment as humans not to mention our ecosystem. We need them to pollenate our plants and they are a key part of our ecosystem as many animals are.
Unlike factory farms, where animals are bred for slaughter; bees are very much intergrated with our ecosystem and environment. We all know how arrogant our own species can be in disregarding the ecosystem, our very own lifeforce, so much of this information is hidden or ignored.
And the health benefits of honey are equal to the unhealthy effects.
Again, information captains of industry dont share.

The question of morality

As with all vegan arguements, the reasons to avoid eating honey are overwhelming. All its takes is to prioritise long term effects on one's self and the planet over the short term gratification of taste.
There are many, many alternatives including fruit honeys, coconut honey, agave syrup, golden syrup and maple syrup. Just that I know of though Im sure theres more ☺

That being said....this is all evidence of why it's not good for humans to eat honey. But thinking unselfishly; it's expoilting defenseless bees.

Well done for your transition to veganism. We're all incredibly grateful ❤

And veganism is never about being strict or restricting, it's about taking responsibilty for our affect on our planet - our home, our health and the expoltation of other species (at our own detriment) - As the most comprehending and capable species.

Veganism isn't just a choice to help other species, it's a necessity to have a hope of saving our own from the damage we've already done by ending the perpetuation of it.

One last thing, honey is not biologically meant for us, you could never collect it naturally.

Please share this information ☺❤
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I used honey to transition from cream cheese on bagels to peanut butter and honey instead. I can't think of another use I had for honey other than tea when I have the flu or a cold which is seldom at best. I think if you want honey, eat it. If your favorite move is The Bee Movie, maybe you might choose to avoid it altogether. :)