1. L

    Vegan cookbook

    I am new when it comes to the vegan diet, so I bought vegan recipes about vegan milk set last week. I have only words of praise and I would recommend everyone to try it. https://bit.ly/2OMSmMG
  2. A

    EU Homemade B12 vitamin possible?

    There is myth that Vitamin B12 can be acquired only by eating animal based products however in reality cobalamin or methylcobalamin is produced by specific bacteria such as lactobacillus reuteri to name a few and our ancestors would get it by drinking from natural water sources or eating not...
  3. Lou

    Wfpb salad dressings

    So... I have been slowly transitioning to a WFPB vegan diet as described in Dr. Fuhrman's Eat To Live. Eating lots of salads. So far I have just been buying oil-free salad dressings in the store. But I would like to save some money and start making my own. I know I could just search the...
  4. P

    Product Awesome book with delicious recipes

    Hi guys, I have found awesome book for vegan recipes. So far I have tried couple of them and they all tasted reaaaly good :) its only for 0.99$ , in my opinion its really worth trying :) Hope it helped :) Its available on Amazon/ Kindle and its called : Vegan Cookbook : 25 Easy High Protein...