1. R

    What would be your answers to these arguments?

    Hello, Here are some arguments in defensive of eating meat that I have heard (not the exact words), and I’d like to know how you would answer them… * “If the animal’s weren’t bred for the purpose of being eaten, they wouldn’t have ever been born. That is the purpose of their life and birth. *...
  2. Dennie

    The effects of being vegan for me.

    Being vegan for me is addicting. It just makes me feel great all the time. I don't feel great all the time because of being vegan, but it definitely is a contributing factor. I rarely feel sluggish anymore unless its because I haven't eaten, been drinking water, or haven't slept enough. If all...
  3. S

    Product Vegan giveaway

    We wanted to let you guys know about our vegan giveaway this month featuring our sho balance (vegan probiotic) and sho energy (vegan b vitamins & matcha) + several other great vegan products.
  4. Kirst

    Nutritious expedition food advice - a vegan going to sea!

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum :) I'm also relatively new to veganism. I've been a vegan for 5 months now and love learning how to cook, healthy nutritional plant-based meals. I desperately need some advice though please... I am a researcher, going on marine expedition for 5 weeks down in the...
  5. V

    Help with energy levels

    Hello, I'm relatively new being vegan and started back in January this year. I'm male, late 30s and noticed my energy levels become very low. In particular when I workout which is frustrating. My workouts are quite intense and I've notice my body slowing down and generally feeling week and have...