1. A

    Fruit curry

    Ingredients 2 onions ½ fresh pineapple ½ fresh small papaw 1 tablespoon oil 1–2 tablespoons curry powder 1 green apple, peeled 2 bananas, sliced ¼ cup desiccated coconut ⅔ cup coconut milk ½ cup sultanas 1 or 2 tablespoons soft brown sugar ½ teaspoon salt Method 1. Cut the onion...
  2. silva

    Vegan Easy Curry

    I get overwhelmed looking at curry recipes. I finally came to terms with the things that cause me problems and came up with this for reference- rough chopped onions sauteed in- 1-2 T. coconut oil After a minute or two add rough chop bell peppers and sliced celery, mushrooms Cut a couple potatoes...