1. L

    Awesome Vegan Cookbook

    I could not recommend this cookbook more! The 100 new plant based meals and 30 DAY meal plan make it so easy to eat healthy! Just thought I would share this with you guys because it’s helped me a lot, and maybe start a discussion on what you’re favourite books are too?? I’ll include the link to...
  2. Veganismo

    Product Vegan Italian soups cookbook

    I recently published my vegan Italian soups cookbook on Amazon. Usually, the eBook version sells for $2.99 and the paperback for $12.99. For the next several days I am offering the eBook for 99 cents. I would love to receive feedback on the book, the recipes, or anything else. It is a...
  3. D

    App for whole-food, plant-based recipes

    Hi! I am trying to improve my already plant-based diet (and mostly whole-food) for a number of reasons. I do not have enough time to plan all the meals for each week so I am looking for an app (ideally). It must contain whole-food, plant-based recipes (I do not want a vegan cookbook...) and it...
  4. R

    Product Awesome Free Vegan cook book

    Learn some amazing new vegan/ vegetarian recipes. These healthy meals will help save you and the world! Click this link - to download your own FREE copy. Thank me later.
  5. V

    Product Vegan baking cookbook

    This cookbook benefits those with a food processor and or blender. It's $15 on Amazon. I'll let it go for ten. Ill also pay shipping.
  6. M

    Book of Guilt-Free Desserts

    Your Guide to Better Baking it amazing book Just imagine biting into a luxuriously rich, sweet chocolate cake that (serving for serving) provides more fiber than whole grain cereal, more protein than chicken, less sugar than an apple and fewer calories than a serving of yogurt You can take this...
  7. L

    UK Free vegan and vegetarian meal planner

    Hi folks, About 3 months ago, my girlfriend and I decided to reduce our meat consumption and try to eat a more wholefood, plant-based diet. Because I'm a bit of a geek, I created a little meal planning app that uses recipes available online (e.g. BBC Good Food) and then automatically adds the...
  8. L

    Vegan cookbooks for non-vegans?

    Christmas is around the corner, and I am looking for a good covert vegan cookbook for a gift for my mother. Any suggestions?
  9. K

    Media Super helpful guide for newbie vegans

    Hi, new vegans! “The Vegan Miracle: The Simple Guide” is an interactive book that will give you everything you need to know in order to transition to veganism or to make daily vegan life a bit easier. From the basics of the nutritional balance of a healthy diet to the social aspects (what to do...
  10. B

    Product #1 newly released vegan kindle book now only $0.99!

    Hello everyone, I just released "How To Start A Vegan Diet: The Basics Of Vegan Eating, Weight Loss, And Muscle Building" on Kindle and it has quickly climbed to the first page of all vegan Kindle books! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded so far :) It is the perfect introduction to...
  11. T

    Product Vegan recipe book free with kindle unlimited

    Hi guys, I've just published my first vegan recipe book on Kindle, it's available free with Kindle Unlimited otherwise it's just $0.99! It's full of super tasty, healthy and totally vegan recipes that I'd love for you to check out, try some recipes and let me know what you think! Here's a...
  12. K

    Product Free vegan protein cookbook!

    Hello, all! We are Kuku Ruku Publishing and we have our first book releasing at the end of July on Kindle. It is titled, "10 Quick & Easy Vegan Protein Recipes For Building Muscle That Contain More Protein Than Meat." In anticipation of the release we want to give away 15 free copies of the...