1. Queen of Strawberries

    If the world went vegetarian would we need vegans?

    Just wondering but if the world went vegetarian would eggs, dairy, honey, wool, ect. be okay to have/consume? I mean, if no animal is killed or harmed in any way to get those products wouldn't it be enough? Am I wrong in thinking that the reason the egg/dairy industry is bad is because unwanted...
  2. B

    Raising hens - vegan?

    Hi all, my name is Ben. I've been veg for most of my life, and I was vegan for nearly 20 years. Now I eat locally produced dairy products and eggs. I grew up in a rural area, and we always had a chicken coupe. Our hens were our pets, and they happened to lay some very delicious eggs. My...
  3. teacup

    Chicks being dumped