1. R

    Saving Animals on Facebook

    Hello 👋, I am part of a Facebook group called Vegans Vs. Non-Vegans. It’s a debating group. Please look it up, you might be able to help in the fight for the animals on there… Anyhow, on there, I sometimes interact with a farmer guy in the USA (I am in the UK). He showed a photo of a...
  2. Queen of Strawberries

    If the world went vegetarian would we need vegans?

    Just wondering but if the world went vegetarian would eggs, dairy, honey, wool, ect. be okay to have/consume? I mean, if no animal is killed or harmed in any way to get those products wouldn't it be enough? Am I wrong in thinking that the reason the egg/dairy industry is bad is because unwanted...
  3. B

    Raising hens - vegan?

    Hi all, my name is Ben. I've been veg for most of my life, and I was vegan for nearly 20 years. Now I eat locally produced dairy products and eggs. I grew up in a rural area, and we always had a chicken coupe. Our hens were our pets, and they happened to lay some very delicious eggs. My...
  4. teacup

    Chicks being dumped