1. naughtyvegan

    quick sammies

    morningstar farm buffalo style chicken patties your fav vegan mayo (I use hellmans) sliced onion shredded lettuce bread heat the patty (microwave is fine) put on bread with mayo add toppings BOOM. lunch is done :) have some fruit or chips or whatever on the side.
  2. Queen of Strawberries

    Choice between Caged eggs or humane chicken?

    Okay so I'm not vegan anymore. I really wanted to be but (1.) My past eating disorder was resurfacing because of the restrictions and labels I had put on myself. (And that scared me) And (2.) I was constantly craving the texture of meat. I'm allergic to soy, gluten and dariy so going vegan...
  3. Second Summer

    AU Woman killed by vicious rooster

    More: (2. Sept. 2019)
  4. J

    Dairy or chicken

    Hi, I have recently become vegetarian, primarily over environmental concerns. I would like to eventually transition to being vegan but for now I am just vegetarian. I have read that the dairy industry produces more CO2 emissions than that of chicken. If I had to have one of dairy or chicken...
  5. Milly

    Thoughts on the ethics of home grown eggs

    hello I've been a vegetarian for over 15 years and I also don't eat dairy or honey or eggs that are in processed foods. I also don't wear leather or wool nor do I support the keeping of animals in captivity. And in no way do I consider myself worthy of the name vegan, because I eat my home grown...
  6. Igor Garcia

    Delicious alternative to Chicken For Vegans

    Personally this is my favourite recipe to replace chicken, as it perfectly captures the taste and texture of actual chicken. I recommend switching to this recipe if you're finding it a struggle to keep yourself away from eating meat. What you'll need: 1½ cups...