1. R

    I sometimes feel like hating the whole human race!!

    Human beings are the worst, most destructive, cruel and horrible creatures out there. Humans are responsible for destroying the rainforests. Humans are responsible for plastic pollution and air pollution. Humans are responsible for global warming and desertification. Humans are responsible for...
  2. Nathan

    House cat or indoor rabbits?

    I'm extremely stuck for choices, my Foster parents have told me to adopt a cat because they are easier to care for, but I know full well that I will spend every day feel guilty if I have to feed them meat. I understand that they need meat because I researched their dietary needs in depth...
  3. liv

    Pet food

    Hi, I've been a vegetarian all of my life, and have recently started transitioning to veganism which isn't too hard diet wise but a little tricky since I'm still at school and I'm living with my parents who cook at lot with cheese, eggs etc. We have two cats and I'm having trouble with the...