1. Second Summer

    CA Canadian federal election 2019

    Apparently, there is an election in Canada today! I only heard about it on the radio, there's been nothing in the TV news or my go-to online news sites. I have no idea what the result might look like, but we won't know until...
  2. Second Summer

    US War of 1812 - 1815

    Interesting summary and thoughts by an actual historian :) More: What Donald Trump doesn't know about the War of 1812 (by Renée Lafferty-Salhany, Associate Professor of History, Brock University, June 10, 2018 )
  3. VeganJanae

    Greetings from toronto

    Greetings all! :) My name is Janae. I am 29 years old, from Toronto, Canada, and I have been a vegan for just a little over 2 years. I became a Vegan for a reason that is quite different from what is considered the "normal" reason one decides to become a Vegan. While I am compassionate about...
  4. Second Summer

    News Mysterious sonic weapon attacks against US, Canadian diplomats in Havana

    What is the motive? Why are Canadians also attacked? Who is behind it? I'll offer my own hypothesis: Ask yourself this: Which country has both the capacity, audacity and a history of using high-tech weapons against its opponents abroad? Which country loves the "we know nothing, nudge, nudge...
  5. Second Summer

    History Second Norse site excavated in Canada - Point Rosee

    More: An ancient site spotted from space could rewrite the history of Vikings in North America (1. April 2016) This is no April Fool's joke (I think)!
  6. Second Summer

    News Canadian federal election 2015

    Apparently, there are federal elections in Canada on Monday! As you know, Canada is the largest country in the Western hemisphere, and the second largest country in the world. Yet somehow this election had gone under my radar until now. I also realize I know next to nothing about Canadian...