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    The leap of faith.

    Well hello all. A very quick bit about me. I'm a paramedic over in the UK. I'm currently on a VLCD (very low calorie diet)(I'm not going to go into detail here as to why or how) and once completed am going to begin my vegan life. As a paramedic I'm very busy with shift work and don't have much...
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    Media Super helpful guide for newbie vegans

    Hi, new vegans! “The Vegan Miracle: The Simple Guide” is an interactive book that will give you everything you need to know in order to transition to veganism or to make daily vegan life a bit easier. From the basics of the nutritional balance of a healthy diet to the social aspects (what to do...
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    Product #1 newly released vegan kindle book now only $0.99!

    Hello everyone, I just released "How To Start A Vegan Diet: The Basics Of Vegan Eating, Weight Loss, And Muscle Building" on Kindle and it has quickly climbed to the first page of all vegan Kindle books! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded so far :) It is the perfect introduction to...