1. D

    Recipes for new vegan

    Hi, I've been vegan for 11 days now and I'm kind of lacking on variety so I'd like to try new recipes with avocado, tahini, hummus, cucumber, lentils, beans, broccoli, potatoes or some recipes with almond milk. So if anyone has a favorite recipe with any of this ingredients I'd like to try it.
  2. Damo

    Avocado's controversy

    How do you feel about Avocado's? According to the BBC they aren't vegan because bee's are needed to produce the fruit/vegetable though having done a little research it seems that bee's are needed for a lot of other produce... Personally my opinion is if it grows on a plant then it's vegan though...
  3. Second Summer

    Chilean avocado orchards steal water, Danish supermarkets change suppliers

    More: Danish supermarkets change avocado supply policies (20. March 2017) I'd be surprised if these were the only avocado orchards in the world with these sort of issues :(
  4. Second Summer

    Norwegians continue to struggle with avocados

    A video with Sophie Elise, a Norwegian blogger and pop musician who incidentally looks like a human-sized barbie doll, trying to cut an avocado. Enjoy. (No English subtitles, but you can sort of imagine what they're saying ...) For an introduction to Norwegians and their problems with...
  5. Second Summer

    Cut avocado preservation

    I just watched a Norwegian cooking video about avocados. A lady was demonstrating the very difficult task of getting the flesh out of the skin and stone. For this she used an incredibly sharp knife that actually cut into the stone so it stuck to the knife. While this seemed like A Very Bad Idea...