1. LeoLivesLike

    Breakfast-Healthy high protein

    Hey guys I just updated my 1st YouTube video with an ingredients list and links of where to find them. I'd love any feedback and would love to hear how you guys personalize the recipe to your own liking!
  2. S

    Survey Plant based protein vs. animal based protein research study

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on a research study and need participants to take my survey. I thought this would be a good medium to find vegan athletes. Thanks again, Steebs
  3. C

    Need Help Convincing Parents that Vegan Diet is not Bad

    Hi, I am a vegan of course as the title says and live with my dad and stepmom who are not. I have been vegan for almost two years but I get bugged soooooo much for being vegan. Like I am not getting enough protein, that's the main one. I wanted to know if anyone knows of good research articles...
  4. veganwhat

    Conor McGregor is afraid of vegans?