1. R

    Vegan and Cravings and Holiday

    Hello, I have just gone vegan again as of last week (I would go to and fro with being vegan vs veggie). We are due to go away to Lanzarote in November (yay!). We have managed with my being vegan in Lanzarote before. However, most of the desserts at the restaurants are not vegan, and neither...
  2. R


    Hello 👋, I’m very upset at the moment. I just had an argument with my mum. She got really mad and I got really upset. Anyhow, so I posted something on Facebook about veganism and animal rights. I posted it in the wrong places, in a What’s On group for my village and in a Devon group. It...
  3. R

    Emotional Support Please

    Hello 👋, I am a 24 year-old female. I am Autistic and I have anxiety. I went vegetarian at 13 and vegan (with exceptions!) at 20. I then went back to vegetarian fairly recently. I so, so want to go back to vegan again, but we are currently away on holiday in Lanzarote (in the Canary Islands...
  4. R

    I’m having an anxiety upset. I hate living in this world. Please help.

    Hello 👋, This isn’t just vegan-related, but I’m Autistic and I suffer very badly with anxiety. I just went into my mum at a ridiculous hour asking about getting my sleep-in headphones working. She got really cross. I got really upset (crying, not angry). I desperately wanted compassion from my...
  5. R

    Dealing with looking up & seeing upsetting stuff online?

    Hi ?, I’m an animal rights person. I’m a (near) vegan. I do click-to-donates, online petitions, going to vegan and animal rights markets, food bank donations, charity pots, not wanting to use/buy stuff from companies that test on animals and sharing on social media, among other things like...
  6. D


    Hi, I’ve been vegetarian and transitioning to vegan for 10 days and I’ve had 2 episodes of extreme anxiety in which I couldn’t sleep the entire night, I want to know if this can be related to my change in eating? Has someone experienced something similar?
  7. R

    How can i cope with seeing/reading about/ animal cruelty ?

    Hi, I'm a young animal rights advocate. I'm mostly vegan. I do a lot of campaigning on the Internet. With such, I see a lot of really disturbing images and read about upsetting things. I have mental health issues (Autism and anxiety). Here are some of the really disturbing things I've seen/read...
  8. Nathan

    Struggling to cope with the way things are

    This isn't about me stopping Veganism, because I've absolutely adored Veganism so far, excluding all the sad news and stuff, it's tasty, slimming, and it introduces you to some of the most lovely people! But I have been having a lot of physiological issues, and I was wondering if anyone else...
  9. Chloe

    Mental Health

    Before I went vegan, I was depressed, had an eating disorder and had anxiety. Now, 2 years of veganism later, I have never been happier and am rarely anxious. I noticed this huge change in mental health so I decided to create an experiment to study whether there is actually a correlation between...