Aug 23, 2016
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Before I went vegan, I was depressed, had an eating disorder and had anxiety. Now, 2 years of veganism later, I have never been happier and am rarely anxious. I noticed this huge change in mental health so I decided to create an experiment to study whether there is actually a correlation between mental health and diet.
I desperately need data though so please come and share your experiences with me through my quiz!! It is anonymous, 36 questions and it will help me so so much! By taking the quiz, you are contributing crucial knowledge to the scientific world. It asks straightforward questions and it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete :) I need people of all ages' input so please please consider taking it!

Here is the link:
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Hi Chloe. I think I can see how it could help people. However for me, its negatively effected my relationships with people (my family in particular who are from farming background, consistently make comments that suggest they feel I am judging them and so forth), and so i actually feel more depressed as a result. On top of that, as i mentioned in a previous post, by opening my eyes to the horrors, I feel more sad :(
For me, I separate my life into ‘before veganism’ and ‘after veganism’. Before veganism, I was overweight, depressed, failing at school, and hated pretty much everyone and everything - mainly myself! Then, when I turned vegan, and I wasn’t binging and starving myself anymore, I had more energy, lost weight naturally, and got fitter. This gave me my confidence back, and I got myself into action and studied like crazy to get my grades back up. Without veganism, I don't know how I would have gotten my life on track! So yeah, nourishing yourself with healthy foods, and not starving yourself, is seriously important when it comes to your mental health! Now, I’m happier than ever!
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There has been plenty of studies looking at the connection between diet and mental health. It won't be a vegan diet that makes a positive correlation but more that increase intake whole nutrient dense foods . good luck on your study