animal agriculture

  1. F

    End all EU subsidies for animal agriculture

    Make your voice heard: European Citizens' Initiative --- Article: European Commission Approves End The Slaughter Age Initiative to Transfer Animal Ag Subsidies to Alt-Protein - vegconomist
  2. R

    Pigs 🐖 🐷 🐽

    Hi 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help get these pigs 🐷 🐖 🐽 rescued. Thank you 😊.
  3. R

    Is it true that being vegan actually saves animals?

    Hi ?, Does being vegan actually save animals or does it just not support the slaughtering? Do the animals still get slaughtered anyway? Thanks.
  4. Emma JC

    James cameron says animal ag is destroying the planet

    I saw a video last evening on YouTube, Plant Based News, that is a rebroadcast of James and Suzy Cameron on CNN. BREAKING: James Cameron Says Animal Ag Is Destroying The Planet It was a great video and so good to see such prominant people spreading the word. They talked briefly about One Meal...