1. J

    Starting to transition.. please help with alternatives

    Hi all, I've started to change over things in my food cupboard and fridge but I'm really struggling with alternatives and the cost of them. I can find vegan mayo/cheese/chocolate etc in my local tesco but they are so much more expensive. I'm on such a tight budget and am finding this a bit...
  2. Ink92

    Taking the final step

    I've been a vegetarian (apart from fish due to my doctor saying to was crucial to my diet) for about a month now. I'm shocked a how little a miss meat but then I've always been a big animal lover and had tried to make the transition before but couldn't while living with my folks. Upon recently...
  3. GrumpyPandaFood

    Service Hello from GrumpyPandaFood!

    Hi everyone! We've just joined this forum and wanted to say hello to all you lovely vegans. We are Grumpy Panda Food, an alternative catering company based in Tyne and Wear, UK. We specialise in vegan "street food" and cover all sorts of events across the North East, from private BBQ's to...
  4. Damo

    Jammie Dodgers

    I try not to processed foods often though I recently discovered that Jammie Dodgers were vegan though unfortunately I discovered that they "were" a few days ago, they now contain milk... Boo. Who know's of the alternatives? I'm sure others are asking the same question :)