Nov 22, 2016
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Hi everyone!

We've just joined this forum and wanted to say hello to all you lovely vegans.
We are Grumpy Panda Food, an alternative catering company based in Tyne and Wear, UK. We specialise in vegan "street food" and cover all sorts of events across the North East, from private BBQ's to weddings and festivals.
We started Grumpy Panda Food a couple of years ago after getting fed up with not being able to find good vegan food at events we attended. Places that did offer vegan alternatives would just give us a plate of salad or a 'spicy bean burger' - boring! We offer big portions of hearty comfort food, just how it should be!
We're trying to build our brand and expand our areas so we'll be getting involved in everything we can. Give us a like on Facebook ( ) a follow on Instagram ( @GrumpyPandaFood ) and browse through our website ( ) for recipes, reviews, blog and our brand new online shop which will be launching 1st December!

Thanks guys xx