Charity Willowbrook Farms Animal Sanctuary: Patrons Needed

Jul 16, 2018
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As many of you know or can imagine, running a farmed animal sanctuary is no easy task - and its not one that is done alone.

We operate a 21 acre farmed animal sanctuary in South Central Indiana - Willowbrook Farms Animal Sanctuary. Right now, we are really only able to use about 3 total acres of the farm! Because of financial restrictions, we are not able to help near as many animals as I know we could. By supporting our mission via Patreon, we would have a planned budget to work with each month. We would be able to plan fencing, new shelters, feed, and vet care for new animals ... more animals that can be saved.

Each tier comes with certain incentives ... and of course, because its Patreon, everyone who joins our feed will get access to exclusive content posted to our feed.

Interested in becoming part of the Willowbrook Family?
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