Survey Vegan lifestyle & home ware survey


Jan 20, 2020
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  1. Vegan newbie
Hi guys!

I am newly vegan, and currently at university I am undergoing a final major project that has taken a vegan approach - based on the homeware market, and how vegan design could be implemented on a high street level. I would appreciate any feedback from fellow new or long-term vegans, this will help me hugely as I undergo this project.

Any additional information would also be amazing.

Thank you!

The questions are as follows:

What was the main reason that made you go vegan?

Are you making any sustainable switches in 2020? If so, please say:

What was the first thing that made you consider being more sustainable? (Please mention all that apply)

  • A documentary
  • A conversation with a friend or family member
  • A video on the internet (other than a documentary)
  • Social media post (short clips, Instagram or Facebook post)
  • I made the switch without any influence
  • I read some articles and blogs online
  • A book
  • Social media marketing

As a consumer who chooses a vegan diet, could you see yourself integrating this into your home?

Can you see/ or would like to see vegan homeware and interiors rising amongst the high street?

Would you be interested in a form of workshop where you can learn how to Upcycle old into new?

Do you like it when brands put on experiential events/experiences like pop-up stores or design workshops?

Would you like the idea of an event incorporating a fun experience like making your own vegan candle? (Workshop based)