News US keeps millions of chickens in secret farms

Irene Adler

Mar 8, 2020
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Hello Emma JC

I did not know this, I am astounded by how many things I am finding out since becoming Vegan. I did have a flu shot last year before going Vegan...

Found this, so it is relevant to the UK (apologies, old news):


Now I am thinking that having a flu shot isn't being vegan, but, what is the alternative if they develop one for Corvid-19 from 'other sources'? I had a quick google and found this, although applies to USA:

There has to be something else, surely? Sorry all, really wished I had found other alternatives. I would have to make the decision personally as to whether to have a vaccine derived from animal sources, this is a really hard one, especially on not wanting to pass disease on to others.....
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