Unnecessary & Wasteful/Expensive Products


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Feb 24, 2021
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  1. Vegan
I keep getting advertisements for fairly expensive products that I don't understand why they are popular:

The UnWipe.


A $30 bathroom product that you fill with water, press on the little screen, and it mildly dampens your toilet paper, so you don't disintegrate your toilet paper. If you will notice, it imprints a turd on the paper.

I had thought about getting a bidet, but left a squeeze (barbecue sauce) bottle next to the toilet; and it seemed to clean back there and wet my toilet paper just fine.

Is there an entire industry of expensive items, which have almost free options.

I saw another item in a local store.

Toilet Bombs

They were $1 apiece, and came in a cute little cloth bag with 10 bombs for $10. You throw them in your toilet, they fizz and bubble, and clean your toilet.

I watched a video of a professional cleaner, and she said these were denture cleaning tabs. They sell a pack of 40 for $4, and they are the same thing.

What expensive useless item have you seen lately?
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