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Feb 1, 2016
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Might be a little nutty, but so am I.... :smile: Here's a place to post trailers, teasers, previews, on-air bumps, etc. (for movies & TV shows) you find exhilarating. Try to keep 'em under 3 minutes, for us short-attention-span folks.... ;)

I already wasted the Dr. Strange trailer elsewhere, so.... MORE MARVEL COMIN' AT YA!! WOO-HOO!!

Sweet cappy, Chris Evans is delicious.... :drool: LOL
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Can't wait to finally see this... comes out on DVD June 7th.... LOVE the Coen Brothers! :D And I think this is one of the most brilliantly cut trailers I've seen in a long time.... there should be an awards category for best movie trailer. LOL

I was in stitches the first time I saw this. (Couple interesting tid-bits.... the guy playing Hobie, the out-of place cowboy who can't say his line worth a damn, is being strongly considered for the role of young Han Solo.... and hailing from my home town & high school, Bay City, Michigan's very own Ryan Vandenboom is featured in Channing Tatum's Gene-Kelly-esque dance number!
Hi, Ryan!! :wave:

Anyhoo, here's my favorite trailer for Hail Caesar....
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My buddy & I finally watched "Trumbo".... :up: .... which inspired me to watch, afterward (in the basement, for about the dozenth time) "Good Night, And Good Luck"....

Both trailers here.... true stories, true balls. I applaud those real individuals who stood UP & spoke OUT, and those who helped to tell those incredible stories. :clap:

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I watched M*A*S*H (from my beloved collection), yet again, in Jer's basement, over the last two nights. I have dozens & dozens of favorite films, but I can say with confidence, this easily cracks the top ten. Damn, what a fantastic flick....

And here's the original trailer:
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Not a trailer, just the truly friggin' AWESOME opening credits for "Deadpool".... watched the flick yet again last night, but knew I was gonna love it the first time just from this scene. Enjoy! :lol: (Haven't seen it? Don't worry, it spoils nothing.)

Watched the first three episodes of Stranger Things with Jerry tonight.... he had seen the first & immediately decided this would be something we'd both enjoy. If you are not old enough to have experienced the 80s, read no further. It's Spielberg meets King with a Carpenter 80s-ness. From the opening credits, to the music, the costumes, the background details/sight-gags, the technology.... SO MUCH FUN. Here's the trailer. Sorta spoiler-ish, not really. Still worth a watch for Netflixers. :yes: