1. MadamSarcastra

    Music Movie Soundtracks & Scores

    I've always thought a lot about music in movies, how it's used, how it helps drive the mood & the story... being quite a cinephile & also musically inclined, who could blame me? LOL :rolleyes: I'm just gonna start with some stuff I've got in my collection.... awesome song selections/scores...
  2. MadamSarcastra

    TV & Film The Trailer/Teaser Thread!

    Might be a little nutty, but so am I.... :smile: Here's a place to post trailers, teasers, previews, on-air bumps, etc. (for movies & TV shows) you find exhilarating. Try to keep 'em under 3 minutes, for us short-attention-span folks.... ;) I already wasted the Dr. Strange trailer...