The Sierra Club Endorses Hillary Clinton

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Jun 4, 2012
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I'm a Sierra Club member and got this as an email.

The candidates' positions on the environment should not be overlooked amidst everything else that's been discussed this campaign season. It's clear that electing Hillary Clinton will continue all the hard work by President Obama to protect the planet, especially here in North America.

We must stand together to win on Election Day. Add your name now to show you're ready to stop climate deniers like Trump!

This year's presidential election is truly the most important of our lifetimes for the safety of our planet, our families, and future generations.

The choice we face in this election could not be more clear: America can elect a leader who will continue and build upon President Obama's climate legacy, or we'll watch as the first-ever climate-denying president strips away decades of hard-fought progress.

Donald Trump has said that climate change is a "hoax," and vowed to bring back coal, approve Keystone XL, eliminate the EPA, and "cancel" the Paris climate agreement. Trump wants to wipe out the critical environmental protections that are reducing carbon emissions and keeping our air and water safe. It's a wish-list straight from the fossil fuel executives and climate deniers that are advising him and writing his speeches.1 As if that weren't enough, Trump has built his campaign around racism, xenophobia, misogyny, childish bullying, and inciting violence. Trump is fundamentally unfit for the presidency and stands in direct opposition to everything we value.

In stark contrast, Hillary Clinton has a strong, detailed plan to tackle the climate crisis, protect our public lands, and accelerate the clean energy revolution underway across the U.S.2She's listened to the voices of the millions of Americans who've spoken out for action, and she's responded by siding with our movement against the toxic TPP trade deal, saying no to Keystone XL, opposing dangerous oil drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic, ending the extraction of fossil fuels from public lands, and supporting a just transition to a clean energy economy that works for everyone in America.

It's clear that Hillary Clinton will work to tackle the climate crisis, which is why the Sierra Club is proud to endorse her for President of the United States. Stand with us and be a #ClimateVoter this year -- add your name now to show you're ready to stop climate deniers like Trump!

The principled debate we've seen in this year's Democratic primary has put the urgent need for climate action in the national spotlight. Senator Bernie Sanders has elevated this issue on the agenda and has made this a robust debate with his tireless advocacy to protect our climate and our communities. The Sierra Club wholeheartedly applauds Senator Sanders' historic campaign, and we are eager to continue fighting alongside him to protect our planet.

This movement is stronger and better than ever before because of the passion and engagement of grassroots members like you throughout the primaries. But now, with a demagogue like Trump as the Republican nominee, we must set our sights on the general election and unite to elect climate champions up and down the ballot. There is far too much at stake for us to not come together now.

With more than 2.4 million members and supporters, and chapters in all 50 states, the Sierra Club is ready to organize and mobilize Americans in every corner of the country. We will speak out against climate deniers like Donald Trump, and we will support Hillary Clinton and other climate champions to win on Election Day.

We can't afford to sit on the sidelines. I hope you'll stand with us and be a #ClimateVoter this year. Add your name now to show you're ready!


Michael Brune
Executive Director, Sierra Club

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[2] David Roberts, Vox, Hillary Clinton's climate and energy policies, explained, May 9, 2016.