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Jun 15, 2017
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found this interesting article this morning and thought you would all enjoy it...


In the Future, Everything Will Be Made of Chickpeas
America is finally embracing an ingredient that much of the world has relied on for millennia.

In 2007, Poorvi Patodia was pregnant and felt like she was eating too many chips. Her cravings for salty, crunchy snacks were intense, but what moms should eat while pregnant is a touchy subject. “I had this thought of, What else could I be eating that’s better for me?” she says. “I remembered these roasted chickpeas that my mom used to make.” the rest of the article is linked above and here

the following paragraph was really interesting...

In the maybe-not-so-distant future, getting closer to that mean might be more necessity than choice. In a climate that’s getting hotter and drier for many Americans, sustainable and nutritionally dense crops such as chickpeas will likely play an important role in feeding people, as exactly what America can cultivate changes. Chickpeas haven’t dominated global diets for millennia by coincidence, according to UC Davis’s Cook. “Chickpea is very efficient in terms of water use, and in most of the world, it’s grown as a rain-fed crop,” he says. It also enriches the ground it grows in: Chickpeas, like other legumes, release nitrogen into the soil. Cook says that reduces the need for one of the most expensive and environmentally damaging elements of industrial food cultivation: fertilizer made by burning fossil fuels.

Emma JC
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It may be "old" and yet the more it is repeated and viewed the more it will be normalized, no?

Emma JC
Sure. I didn't mean to criticize the content. Just the author.
I probably wouldn't have said anything if it was from some cheap *** "web-zine". but this is the Atlantic ferchristsakes.

Meanwhile, can you explain the last paragraph? Well, not even the last paragraph. the last sentence - a quote

“If someone tried to launch hummus in the American market in March 2019, it would be a phenomenon by September, and you’d be writing about it right when football season started.”

Don't we have hummus in the American market now? That five-year article stated it was already a "trend".

I've seen in the grocery store other chickpea products.
I looked it up.
Here is a roundup of new chickpea products
While this family deeply agrees with the assessment, we also believe the author is WAY behind the power curve.

Get with it! :p
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