Stories that restore your faith in humanity

Don't know the whole story.... The other person in the video, who was it? Was he holding the child over the balcony or just standing there, waiting? :eek:

I don't know what the hell was happening there.... I certainly hope this wasn't some sort of stunt.
Saw this on the news. There is a wall separating the balconies and the other person was on the other side. Good thing it was in France and not here. Marcon granted the hero citizenship and a job.
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"The gift".
I cried in the end. An unexpected ending.:???: (The language is English). They say that this 4-minute cartoon won 59 awards.

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Bartender Receives $1,000 Tip to Pay For Her Dog’s Surgery

This...made me cry. :cry:

Because this occurred four years ago, the link is now broken. But I did a search for the story, and found it again, with an update. Here it is:

Photos: Dog makes full recovery after bartender gets $1,000 tip for surgery

So there was a happy outcome with the dog. I don’t know how the dog is doing now, but it’s still a heartwarming story to read about.