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Karissa Pierce

Aug 26, 2016
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I have recently decided to be vegan I have been a vegetarian for six months my boyfriend was mostly one. We also eat 95% organic food. That on its own is kinda hard to explain to my five year old step daughter why we don't have the same things mom has at her house. Or why when we are shopping she cant have certain things. Her mom also gives her lots of junk food. My boyfriend has agreed to be mostly vegan and for our house to be vegan. How do I handle my step daughter and how she should eat here?? Her mom is a very high conflict person. Has already had fits about the dumbest things all because we do something different then her. There is no court order or anything about custody. She has threatened us with not seeing her a couple times. What do you think is the best way to handle this problem??
Hi Karissa,

It is a tough situation that you are in. Would it be an option to find alternatives for what your step daughter wants ? There are vegan products for most things: ice-cream, cheese, burgers. Vegan junk-food I guess.

Your options seem to be:

1) feed her vegan healthy and get into a conflict with her mum.
2) feed her vegan junk food and everyone lives happily ever after.
3) feed her 'regular' (meat, cheese) junk food and you are unhappy (since you want to be vegan).

That is how I was thinking ... 2) seems the most moderate option, but it is difficult for me to appreciate since I am not in the respective situation.

Good advice above. Play it right and you might be able to get mostly what you want. Suppose you need to allow exceptions and be a but flexible to others' needs though. Good luck.
Hi Karissa,

Have you made a decision on how to handle things ?

Hi Gab,

Yes we are going with a mix of one and two to keep everyone happy. She is a lil moody over it but no major problems yet. Thank you so very much for your advice! :)

Excellent. New suggestion:

Most kids when they understand where meat and eggs and milk really come from (not the supermarket, KFC or Dominos), they naturally turn vegan.

There is a youtube channel Bitesize Vegan and Emily there is posting some of the videos specifically addressed to kids using very simple language, family friendly etc.

Have a look, might give you some ideas.

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