So much hindrance of being vegan


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Below is an example of how family affect vegans.

I am being hindered severely in being vegan.

My fathers sister lives on a farm where they raise cows for slaughtering, albeit treat them better than the norm.
My dad works at a med-producing biotech firm; animals used as test subjects even if more humane.
I seek fellow spiritual people to work with, however can only find cows mothers milk drinking places except through far travel and on my parents money. I have major issues with finding vegan dentistry and have a hole in my tooth.
My fathers sister takes meds en masse.
My brother relies on hospital equipment.

The heck do I do? I need a dentist, it’s stressing me massively,
I hate perfectionism.
^ truth

All this is like being emotionally attacked, gotta mourn... I think also being herded, yet for some reason my inner child feels like having lost so much and demands playing instead of working - parents having been workaholic. Probably a product of all the non veganism involved as well as other things. I look so much forward to work. I want to work. Of course around vegans or at health stores, ain’t gonna accept being manipulated into some milk drinking endeavour. I am vegan. This right was taken from me once and it seemingly is happening again. I am like stuck between two poles being perfection and what i need. Middle Path is just better (see the manipulation involved here? Emotional affect. Suppressed emotions through various intake (incl. books) for 10+ years.

I just hope Christian confirmation (and indirect affect on sorroundings) is not a major cause of this suppression, is teenage behavior like we see in the West normal? <- scapegoat and attempted usage of Christianity on me and dragging through a little hell.
What your family does has nothing to do with you. Are you farming the animals? Are you testing on the animals? If you're not then don't worry about it. All you can do is educate people and let them make their own decisions. It doesn't affect you unless you let it.

Unfortunately a lot of jobs touch the animal industry. You really shouldn't stress yourself out over something you cannot control. You need a job so go get one. You're not the one drinking milk. Try some places that are vegan but those are few and far between. Do you plan on living under your parents forever?

No one is perfect and there is no reason to strive to be.
I am planning to earn money, work and so sustainably. Seemingly you struck an empathic point of possession, thanks, I try to work and get a job; yet hindered every day. I do what I can where I can while working on earning.

It’s the emotional level, empathy; interests that go against.

The money gained by social benefits are fueled by flesh farming. Gotta earn money a proper way, healing for the world.

What your family does has everything to do with you. Consider the cost of their presence in your life. Something as simple as emotional support.
Family has everything to do with your life and how they live affect you massively. Not to look down on annonce weaker than myself though... I have weak points I discover from time to time.

Important to choose whom is family, some you are born with and some come to be. In the end we are all genetically connected and it’s nice to embrace that there are a lot of other types of connection than genes. I may be more related to some African fella than I am to my dad...