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Mar 21, 2018
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Who else isn't perfect? Sometimes I find out, too late, that I've purchased or consumed an animal product.

It took me at least six months to realize that my shampoo and conditioner weren't vegan. A few days ago I had a scare when I read my toothpaste ingredients and saw glycerin, but it turned out to be from a plant source.

When was your last slip up? When it happens, do you finish it anyway to be less wasteful? Throw it out? Give it to a friend?

A few minutes ago I opened a beer with dinner. After taking the first sip I saw "honey" on the label. Damnit!! Poured that bottle down the drain, I'll be bringing the rest of the 6-pack to a party tomorrow to give away.
I bought justin's peanut butter cups yesterday. I thought they all were vegan last time I checked them. I ate one and so did hubby. Looked at the label after and saw milk. Any other time I buy something non vegan accidently I will finish it so it's not being wasted.
A container of what was marketed as "rice seasoning" at a local Asian grocer. I bought it a fair few months back and didn't take a careful look at all the ingredients. After using it a few times I looked again.

Lactose. Sigh. Given the people that are intolerant to it this is just stupid even without the vegan consideration.
A couple of flavor enhancers.

I threw the bottle out.