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Mar 5, 2016
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I have a tough question: recently I started to make vegan ganache at home. I think that the most appropriate substitution for heavy cream is "almond cream" (almond milk with a lot a almonds and a bit of water: around 25% fat).
It tastes delicious but the problem is shelf life: after a few days it loses its taste. I don't know if is the almond cream or the fresh fruits I use for the ganache.
So, someone have a suggestion?

Natural preservatives include any fruits with a high content of ascorbic acid (which you can also buy in powder form) including blackcurrant, lemon, and orange. If you blend the almond cream until you're *just* about to separate the fats that will also help - foods with higher fat contents tend to keep longer. Not the healthiest thing but, hey, it's ganache!

Also, plants with antibacterial properties include pomegranate, mulberry, lemon balm, goji, ginkgo, burdock, and mint.

You could also buy something like this - - for your fridge.

Hope this helps! :)
Thank you for the answer.
I use of course fresh lemon juice in homemade spreads, to prevent the top exposed to oxygen to become black.
The shelf life is primarily defined by the water activity. So acid ingredients will help but I guess not too much, furthermore it will change the taste of the product, right?